Frequently Asked Questions...

What kind of music do you play?

Acoustic "Live Lounge" style current classics and older classic songs. You can read our song list here and listen to some examples here.  We add new songs all the time to keep every gig fresh and unique, plus we're happy to learn a particular song for your event - just give us some notice please :)


How long do you play for?

We usually play for up to a total of two hours of music, as 2x60 minute sets with one break. We arrange the timings to be flexible with whatever else is happening during the evening, and can play for different amounts if you require by arrangement. For wedding we offer various performance options, see them here.  For restaurants & pubs we typically play 2x45 minute sessions.


What setting up time Do You Need?

We usually arrive 1.5 hours before we are due on stage, but can arrive earlier if needed - we want to be in good time.  If you wish us to arrive earlier or stay later, please let us know in advance and we can easily arrange this.  For wedding receptions, we need about 30-40 minutes to set up, which is usually fine to achieve in the short break after the wedding speeches, as guests socialise and tables are cleared.

Can we come and see you play before we book?

Yes, contact us and we'll let you know what public events we're playing at.


How much do The Acoustics  cost?

We aim to keep our prices competitive, and tailor every quote to the details of the event.  Please email us for a full quote.


Do you provide background music between sets?

Yes, we have a wide selection of music to play for when we're not performing.


Can you do a disco for us as well?

Yes we a DJ service to keep the party going when we're not playing let us know if you need it.  We also offer a custom-paylist service so if you want to choose all your favourites, just let us know!


Can You Play Our First Dance?
Yes - if it's not already in our repertoire, let us know in plenty of time and we'll learn it for you.  We can also play the original from Mp3 through our sound system if you'd prefer.


Do you supply a contract?

Yes, when you arrange to book we will supply you with a contract to confirm the booking and arrangements. The booking is confirmed only when the client has paid a deposit.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, most venues will require bands to have this cover, we're happy to show the certificate in advance to the venue.  It's worth checking this when you book any bands or musicians.


What stage area or electricity do you need?

The Acoustics  can perform with or without staging, indoors or outdoors (covered). We need an area of minimum size 5mx3m to accomodate the duo and PA/lighting. This area must be level, free from obstacles, and dry (we're thinking of the marquees and outdoor gigs here!). We require one 13A socket to power our PA and Lights, this must be a certified and tested safe supply. If you're using a generator for an outdoor event, please ensure that it is capable of delivering a steady 3KW without any problems, and that it is being operated/installed by a suitably qualified person.


PA / sound equipment

Our PA system is fully self contained, and is adequate for room sizes up to around 150 people. Of course, we are an acoustic-style act, so we don't work at loud volumes, plus we are very sensitive to your audiences requirements, particularly at weddings etc, where you may want us to concentrate on one area more than another. If your expected audience is a lot larger than 150 people, please discuss with us, we easily expand our sound and light system to an appropriate size. If the venue has a Noise Limiter fitted, we will work within it's limits.


Do you bring lights?

We have coloured LED lighting that is sufficient to light The Acoustics onstage, and for weddings, partys and function events we also have scan/sweep lighting for a dancefloor area immediately in front of the band.


Do you need a dressing room or food?

We only require a  supply of soft drinks or water throughout the time of the event. We don't expect to be fed, although as we may have travelled some distance, food is always welcome! If there are substantial periods between the band setting up and starting the performance, please make suitable arrangements for us to have somewhere to relax.


What does the band wear?

For corporate events and weddings, The Acoustics wear what could be described as smart/casual.   For parties and pubs, people often prefer the band to look less formal, so we dress in a more jeans/casual manner.  Please let us know which you think is the most appropriate for your event.

Do I need to pay a deposit when booking?
When booking us directly, the booking is only definite once an agreement has been sent and the client paid us a deposit.  If you are booking The Acoustics through an agency, they will advise.


How Do I Pay?

We ask for a booking deposit in advance, the remainder can be paid a week prior to your event.

The Acoustics - Frequently Asked Questions